Suicide – Rajkamal Kharel

A suicide is not suicide. Infact suicide is the wrong word which is being used. In another word there is no such thing as a suicide. This word should be replaced by another word then the act done will have a complete meaning. It should be sentenced as a ‘Self-Murder’. By this what it meant is that it is a forceful process. ‘Suicide’ from word means the ‘dying of oneself’. The word ‘sui’ means ‘oneself’ and ‘cide’ means ‘to die’. And what should be noted that it is not a child play that people want to attempt. By word suicide means only harming the self. But it don’t appeal to reveal the mystery behind the curtain. So, here every self harming has a case ‘An Individual Mystery’. So, to reveal it suicide remains very childish word. ‘A self murder’ will rather be appropriate because the word itself reveal that there is the murder behind it. A murder is not a murder until and unless it has a murderer. And the act of self harmingness has a murderer; so this will be rather appropriate to use as Self-Harming. 

What should be noted is that before dying they actually die hundred and thousand of times. ‘Self-Harming’ is not done by a major shock rather minor shock piles up to form the big one and the major shock afterwards will be the beginning of the end. This entire process needs a lot of energy. To generalize it, the energy is provided by your thought process. Now you feel deserted, thirsty, you may go into dehydration. Now the person becomes dark and gloomy day by day and may go completely dark ‘minutes’ before the acts. The self harming is not like as shown in movies and plays in which a single shock leads to the death. This is the very basic misunderstanding behind the self harming. Repeating again ‘a person dies thousands of time before they die’. The feeling of deadliness is not soul-need rather it is a complete thought process. 

Psychoanalyst and Psychiatric tries to solve is case by different therapy. ‘Drug Therapy’ in which they use anti-psychotic drug to bring back people to normal case. Another is ECT which stands for ‘Electroconvulsive Therapy’ in which person is treated by different electronic appliances. Another common therapy is the Psychological Therapy in which counseling is done. In this entire therapy session may 10 survive but 90 remains the same or reverse it 90 survives or 10 remains the same. 

As being a meditator, I see the cent percent solution for the case of self harming and that is Meditation. What psychological treatment cannot do in 10 years, Meditation can do in 10 minutes. The entire session of meditation deals with ‘Thoughtlessness’ or ‘State of No Mind’ which is cent percent effective against Self-Harming. 


Writer : Rajkamal Kharel 

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