One Indian Girl – Review

A satisfying novel regarding different topics related to feminism, romance, love and …work. 

A typical indian girl who tops every classes she attended in her life and roamed around the world for business and because of love failures. It is a complete novel about how a girl thinks about a guy and how guy senses the abilities of a girl. A whole feminism thing scatters around the story because of some characters and main character herself. 
How a girl changes her mind ? How a girl judges everything about a boy ? And, How a girl thinks of herself infront of a guy ? Everything is described by the main character herself. How a girl puts her opinion in feminism ?
As Non-Researcher, I think this is the second novel of Chetan Bhagat featuring himself as a female character after ‘One Night At The Call Center’. Writer has positive opinion on girl. The most satisfying moment is when a single girl handles her exes not to interrupt her wedding at the end of the novel. How she managed her typical Punjabi family to sense her problem and cancel the marriage herself in the very morning of the marriage day. 

A courageous character I have ever seen, I have ever read and I wish every girl in this world should praise this novel and the writer. 

The people who supports feminism should read this book and those who doesn’t support feminism should definitely read this book – One Indian Girl.

Jaidip Subedi 

November 22, 2017

11:25 PM

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