“Class 11 will be published tomorrow”, announced from a TV Channel. I didn’t even noticed the channel’s name because of shock. 

I was cool about the result before this announcement. Texted Julian about the result. He was also shocked.

The whole environment was rhyming.

We were shocked up,

Exam was sucked up



It will be fucked up.

I got up and dressed. Went to college. Whole college was talking about result.

Head Of The Department entered the class and said that the result will be published at 12 PM. I stared at the watch. It was 7 AM. Today’s class will end at 10. 

I said Julian to roam around Boudhanath for 2 hours until the result will be published. He agreed. We went to boudha after college and in a cafe we ordered two cups of coffee. Waiter came with two cups with coffee and a bowl with sugar. Waiter asked me for sugar. I shook my head. “Ah! Health Conscious”, Julian said.
11:30 AM

“Let’s go search for a cyber for result”, I said.

We reached and surfed for our result.

“Hey! What’s your symbol number ?” I asked to Julian.

“00397259 K”, He said.

“Woohoo! Let’s go for a party, buddy. It’s 1st Division.” I said.

He jumped and almost bumped his head at ceiling.

“What about yours ?” He said.

I was searching mine. I searched for several times. I didn’t found. Julian was sad for me. I called mom. She said me to check the symbol number again. I did. 

“Fuck man! Symbol Number was wrong.” I said to Julian. He laughed at me because I just couldn’t remember a bloody symbol number. I surfed for it.


I took a breath and turned to Julian,” Congratulations.” 

He knewed that I couldn’t gain as much as him.

He showed some sympathy and said,” Be Cool! It was not the last exam of your life”

“But it was also not the first, dude”, I said.

I came out of the cyber shop with a feeling which can’t even be expressed by the words. I runned to home. 

I noticed a guy in a hardware shop selling some ropes in front of my house. He was never here before. I bought two meters of it. Entered the home. No one was there. I went to my room upstairs. Locked the door. 

I hooked the rope in the hook. It was placed there for a fan but huge fan of Salman Khan was going to hung there till death. I climbed on the chair put the rope in my neck and I kicked the chair. I was hanging. Suddenly, Door opened. 

I asked to myself,”The door was locked, right ?” 

Mom gasped,”What are you doing ? Hey! Wake up. You still sleeping ?”

I woke up in shock as I was in dream.

“Julian’s been texting you. Why didn’t you go to college?” She said.

“What ?” I said surprisingly. 

I got up from bed went out of house and saw that there was not that hardware shop. There was a sweet shop. I entered the house and asked,”Today’s result, right ?”

“No.” She said.

“It is postponed because of election”, She smiled.

I again went out saw a box of rasgullas in the shop. And a voice echoed in my ears. “Ah! Health Conscious.”

Been waiting you since

I gave the exam.

Meet you soon,



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