Strange Contemplation

Just was surfing through some books in my collection. And guess what I got.
‘Everest Geeta’ 
I never believed in God. Never thought that will believe too. But today the history happened. I never believed when one said,’This book changed my life.’ 

Hey, Mate. It was you who thought that way. Not a book can change your life. Have you ever read a love story ? If yes then you can know that there will be many problems. One can read them and solve his problems while other will just regret for not doing what the character did in the plot. So, Book never changes your life. Perception does. And your did.
Something like that happened to me today. I was not much of a spiritual person but got addicted to some videos of Mystic Yogis like Sadhguru, OSHO etc. Influenced from friends. Their life changed due to all meditation things. But mine didn’t. There were some reasons. 1. I was non-vegeterian. 2. I wasn’t really interested. 
I became an atheist too. I polluted my own character to prove the holy books wrong. But now I realize I was wrong. 
They said meat is the reason for your un calm life. I also thinked so after reading a mini-book named vegetarianism by OSHO. I thought to be a vegetarian. Few weeks got some pressure from home and then everything got in there place. 
Today. It’s been like 15 days of my vegetarian life. I feel completely changed. And now let’s move to book.
‘Everest Geeta’

Written by- Oh! Sorry. NARRATED by- Shri Krishna Himself.

Editor for this book was Madan Prasad Aryal.
I got this book today while I was searching for some science-fiction. And got this Human-Fiction (What I thought before). I opened it and started reading it. Every chapter was going fine. But then it came. I don’t know how many peoples life has been changed by this book but it changed mine. And that was this chapter. Chapter 10. Entitled ‘The Yoga Of Glories’. 
The words Krishna used to Arjuna for depicting his existence in this world were fabulously awesome. I’m in love with Krishna. 
‘Tell me in detail, O Krishna, of your mighty potencies and glories, for I never tire of hearing your ambrosial words.’


Arjuna queries Krishna to tell his glories when Krishna says him that he knows the world, he is the world.
Krishna replies:
‘I’m the soul of all creatures, resident in their heart, and I’m also the beginning, the middle and the end of all creatures.’


In this verse, Krishna depicted beginning as Brahma. Middle as Vishnu. And the end as Shiva.
‘Of the twelve suns, I am Vishnu among the luminaries, I am the radiant sun, among the seven winds I’m Marichi, and of the Nakshatras (Asterisms), I’m the moon.’
‘Of the Vedas, I’m the Samaveda; among the Devas, I’m Indra, of the senses, I’m the mind, and of all living beings, I’m intelligence.’
These are just some words used in chapter 10. 
I got scared of Krishna when he said that he is everything. And then I realized everybody is scared of God. Nobody is a believer. You just get scared of the myths and start getting scared. And you think yourself a devotee. So you’re wrong. 
From today, I’m not a believer. I’m just scared of God and I don’t think it’s believing.
2018 February 2 

6:40 PM
And I turned into theist.
© Jaidip Subedi 

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