I took birth on this very day on this earth 18 years ago. Even a 1 minute earthquake can take thousands of life but 18 years can be an enough time for more than thousands big bang to create the earths like this. Well but nothing happened since I took birth in this world. It is a very awesome place to take birth. You take birth and live your life and die. But is that even a life ?

This is not any motivational speech I’m gonna give as some speaker but this is an awakener. It’s late night here in Nepal. I’m on my bed. Not Sleeping. Blanket covered. Typing This Text. Thinking about all who took birth in this world. Who are taking birth in this world. And those who will be taking birth in this world.

Well taking birth is not only what you call life. Thousands of humans take birth in this world in an hour. But Not Everyone Born. This is not a thought, it is a fact. There is a lot difference between birth and born. Your mom’s uterus burn while giving you birth. But your everyday should burn to born you. I born everyday. With positive thoughts. With negative too. Whenever I think positive I born. And If Negative I burn. Today my girl’ll text me 12:00 AM cause she wanna be the first wisher. But I’ll be wishing me first as always.

That is you who know that you exist when you touch whatever the thing in which your dad’s sperm gets entered and your heart starts beating. Today is the day I took birth in this earth. But I’ll make sure that everyday I’ll born either by burning or borning itself.

Happy Birthday To Me.
Well not everyone understands the meaning of it. So this was the text to enlighten them.

Happy Bornday To Me.

I wrote a piece for me few weeks ago. Wanted to post it too.

Hey! You wake up. Why you still sleeping ? It’s midnight. It’s time to wake up and change the world. Please! Just wake for few minutes and listen to me and you can sleep again. But when you will wake for the second time you’ll not be as you were before. You’ll not wake as before you did. This have to be a great morning. Yesterday you woke as a good son of your mother. The day before that you woke as a dream of your dad. Before that day you woke as a sponsor to your friends. You didn’t woke up after sleep. You woke up after rest. You woke to fulfill other’s dreams and needs. But ever questioned yourself where are my dreams ? From today I want you to wake as an obsolete person. I want you to be emancipated from unknown dreams. Live your dream. Live as you. It’s your life. Make it yours. They said first impression is last impression. It’s my first time and I’m late. Happy Birthday To You My Boy. Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day. – God said.

© Jaidip Subedi

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