Another Buddha ?

This is a work of FICTION. It’s a work of fiction done without a pinch of research. Research leads to facts and I hate that.

Today’s topic is Buddha. He is not a person or a god. He is just topic and will be. Few days ago, Nepal participated in a Guinness World Record where 75000 Nepali Citizens took part and signed to prove Buddha was born in Nepal.

This fella is suffering identity crisis since people became aware about how much Buddhism has spread around the world. As per the myth we’ve been listening from our birth, Buddha’s name is Siddhartha Gautama. He was born in Kapilvastu, Lumbini which is depicted to be in Nepal in present condition. As Siddhartha was not allowed to get out of the palace. He thought of running away from home one day and he saw death, sickness and aging while wandering. He returned to palace and as curiosity arose in its peak. He thought of finding the answer of the questions, What is death ? Why man becomes sick ? Why man becomes old ? And various others.

He got married and he ran away from his palace for the answers. At that time, Transportation – the most important infrastructure of development wasn’t developed properly. He walked the way through the border which we call now Dashgaja and reached Bodhgaya – which is now on Bihar of India. He must have questioned everyone on his way his questions as Amir Khan does in his movie PK. And he didn’t got any answers. He didn’t even found Anushka Sharma to enlighten him. So, he started meditating.

Now as I talk about meditation and myself being a meditator, I wanna use some facts (came by research) At that very time, Jewish were ruling the west side of the world. They used to meditate very hardly cause meditation wasn’t an easy job to do at that time. They used to punish themselves, harm themselves to jettonish the pain from life. And the very day when they used to get rid of pain they called it enlightenment.

Siddhartha was a prince. He learned something in palace about meditation. He wasn’t a spiritual person enough to discover new method of meditation so he followed Jewish and started meditating as they use to do. He used to walk bare foot on forests when thrones used to harm him harshly. He applied various methods to harm himself. He did that for almost seven fucking years. Yeah! He harmed himself for that very time. And as the harm didn’t showed any light in his life. He thought of just sitting in the bottom of the tree. And as per myths, it was Banyan Tree.

He couldn’t enlightened himself but discover a new method, he sat there and practiced the art of breathing – which we call Vipasana these days. In which we watch our breath. He just practiced Vipasana for a night and got enlightened.

After being enlightened he gave his teachings until he was 42 years old. He made many of his disciples enlightened too. And then whatever the scene is Buddhism started spreading all around the world and now present is in front of us.

As Buddhism started spreading, Nepal and various other neighboring states doubted if where he was born. Even Nepal being sure that he was born in Nepal it also started believing that he wasn’t from Nepal. So, Nepal organized this fucking program where many of *beep* Nepali citizens went to participate to sign to prove that Buddha was born in Nepal. 75000 were enchanting verses of Dhammapada holding national flag of Nepal in their hand and a temporary tattoo on their left chick of Buddha and a printed flag of Nepal on right chick. Hindus were there, Buddhists were there, Christians were there, Muslims were there. The only religion which wasn’t there was Humanity. They thought themselves proud to get birth on this soil where various of great personalities were born. Where Sita was found under this soil, where Mt. Everest lies, where Buddha was born.

Again questions arose, We can see Mt. Everest by our naked eyes. So it is here. But who saw Buddha ? Who saw Sita ? Not any Janak of this time will take a girl to his home and grow her as a daughter. He will rape her and bury at the same place he found it. How can people take birth from earth ? Does earth have a sex partner ? Apart from Sita, let’s move on to topic again. And the topic is Buddha. The Holy Man Who Found Buddhism. The man who started Buddha hood. But the sad thing is that it lacks in his own soil. There are many countries in peace where no Buddha took birth. There are many respected countries where Mt. Everest doesn’t stands. There are many grains exporting country where no Sita was found on the soil.

Why fighting for Buddha ? Oh! I forgot. I forgot that we are living in the world which fought two deadly wars just for peace. When peace gets disturbed in this world they start a war for it. Wow! War for Peace. I remember a great saying “When world got created there weren’t any borders.” Just imagine today if this world was our own one country which was to be called earth but people fought for the territories. They fought for freedom and ended winning a miserable place to wait for death.

A soldier fights for his family to give them a nation to live in peace. But unfortunately he returns alive to bury his children, spouse corpse. He forgets that while he is murdering enemies children, his family is being murdered too.

Don’t fight for Buddha. Consult for Buddha hood. Just be happy that he didn’t took birth in another planet or another galaxy. But pray to Buddha that no another Buddha will born to rose a war again. We don’t need war. We don’t need peace too. We just want life. And we are thankful to whoever granted this life to us. We just want to live. Cheers!

© Jaidip Subedi

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