sorry! brother

Despite the world falling for
us and our casualty,
We still fell for a
single beauty.
You were expressable one
from the beginning,
And I couldn’t even show
myself own feeling.

She wasn’t much manipulative
to let me forget my friend,
But a single girl is enough
to bring friendship to its end.
There’ll still be something
between us that’ll never fade,
In spite of tornadoes and
fallen tree’s shade.

There’s always a reason
why we acquainted,
There’s never a reason
for you getting baited.
Loving is between
a guy and a girl,
But there’s something
that made us fall.

Remember that after breaking up
this lovable relationship with,
You’re my only one to make
shitty friendship with.
Even after fighting
for weeks we never separated,
But if you think the girl can do it!
you’re just old-dated.

Sorry! brother for having
your girl in my life,
I would still accept if
she had been your wife.
After everything we would
still be friends,
Cause friendship is the
relationship that never ends.

30th May, 2018
6:18 PM


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