Clichéd Life

Ever thought of killing yourself or committing suicide and then thinking that it would be wrong, have you ever dumped those ideas ?

You’re wrong. It would’ve been right if you wouldn’t have ignored the idea of suicide.

At first, let me enlighten you with meaning of cliché.

Merriam Webster defines cliché as – a phrase or expression that has been used so often that it is no longer original or interesting.

Let on go with this definition. In the context of books something which is written since many years and no longer holds the actual meaning is called cliché. Let us take the example of 20th century. As we all know that various wars including cold wars and world wars happened in between this era. Many were injured. Much were dead. A lot of them became writers. Not the dead one obviously but the injured ones and those who were suffered from the war started writing. ‘The Diary Of Anne Frank’ by Anne Frank and ‘The Great Gatsby’ drafted by F. Scott Fitzgerald are the fine examples of war literacy. There were few others who wrote about other issues but also mostly writing roamed their subject around war. So, going to the topic everything you wrote about war in 20th century was either already written or readers didn’t find it attractive enough issue to spent their time with. So, the cliché from 20th century was war and its impacts.

Moving to contemporary era, 21st has just touched its Mid-18 and various writers have been given by it. Many writers have contributed for the literature field. But, cliché never leaves just the issue changes. As many writers have been awarded bestseller by New York Times (NYT), some deep investigation proves it to be romance oriented. Romanticism from Shakespeare and Wordsworth era has returned again to 21st country. Everything we read in 21st is about love. If its writer writing a story or poet reciting his poem, preacher preaching his knowledge or mystic giving speeches, everywhere is love. Everything is love. Once a wise man said, everything you write about love sounds like already written. We also can’t even judge a cliché for holding its impact on literature but let’s see what happens to love till the end of century. See You, Cliché.

Now these were the examples of cliché just to tell you what the cliché is. And I also talked about the cliché in literature only. Then, what about the cliché in life ?

Clichéd Life –

These thoughts about life in cliché came to me when I was going through ‘The God Conspiracy’ by OSHO. There was a mystic called Zeno in this book in one of the chapter where he taught others to commit suicide.

You live a life who lives for others. You go to office for your parents. You commute for transport’s profits. You earn for family. You spent for family. Everybody lives this life. I agree that you can’t get away from these responsibilites but you can die, right ?

Everybody does that. Live for your family. Spent your time for friends. Live your life till death arrives. What about inviting death ? What about being master to death ? Stealing mystic lines, birth took control over you but don’t make death also do it. Commit suicide and master over death.

Don’t live a cliché life. Commit Suicide. Peace be upon your soul.


17th July, 2018
– 9:38AM

Is writing about cliché a cliché ?

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