Feminizing the meaning of Feminism!

Talking about the title, this article has nothing to do with Feminism and Feminists. This Feminism topic has been so complicated these days that one should think twice even before using the word. Well, I’m not gonna talk about it but this thing isn’t complicated itself, people who boast about being Feminist and preaching it are the one who are making it an issue and they have problem with everything.

So, I’m not gonna talk about it. This article has nothing to do with those stuffs. I am going to talk about this recent Original Series from Amazon Prime, which is titled ‘Four More Shots Please‘.

The commercial ad poster from Amazon Prime India. (Image Source: IMDB)

Four More Shots Please is a 8-episode-series, which story revolves around the life of four Mumbai based girls, who are dealing with their particular lives and they also are best friends. BFFs for what they call each other nowadays.

1. Sayani Gupta (Damini Rizvi Roy)

Snap from the series. (Image Source: Amazon Prime)

‘Dee’ as her friends call her. She is a journalist working on her self-founded news portal called Investigator.com. She’s struggling to stay in her own company as her board members are against her. She amidst all the ups and downs in her life, meets her best friends in Truck Bar for shots.

2. Kirti Kulhari (Anjana Menon)

Snap from the series. (Image Source: Amazon Prime)

Well, need to be aware of this one. This one’s complicated character in the series as she is a lawyer and a divorcee mother with a daughter named Arya. Her daughter is 4 years old and she hadn’t had sex since half of her pregnancy. Now, that she thinks her vagina looks like a monster, she is in hope that she’ll never get laid but also still is in hunt for a guy to sleep with.

3. Maanvi Gagroo (Siddhi Patel)

Snap from the series. (Image Source: Amazon Prime)

Siddhi Patel. A VIRGIN. She is always taunted for her body structure by her own mother. She feels like she’s not marriage type as she is tagged ‘fat’. And she also thinks that she’s virgin just because of the way her physique is and she’ll never ever get laid in her life. She struggles with the search for the perfect guy for marriage.

4. Gurbani (Umang Singh)

Snap from the series. (Image Source: Amazon Prime)

The best character I loved in the entire series. She is a bisexual. She runs from her home to get a life on Mumbai and deals with various matters before opening up about her sexuality. Umang is one of the strong until she falls in love with a person who is scared of getting out of closet. Umang is fitness trainer and she is bold among all the four girls.

There are other characters in the series too. I haven’t included them here but they are the best part of this entire series. And ‘They’ is equal to ‘Boys’. Boys make the series fascinating, exciting, thrilling and all these fancy words.

What I wanted to say about series:

This series is a sex-comedy-drama which I already mentioned above revolves around the story of four girls based in Mumbai. They simply are example of what feminists call; living life without getting dominated by MEN.

But, here also is a lawyer who talks about Patriarchy while walking around and gets shut in court while fighting a case against a man. Quoting the person who I exactly don’t know, “Feminism is not what women should do what men can do but Feminism actually is, Women can do whatever they want.”

But, not taking it negatively women should also know the limitations on Gender. If there are separate seats for you in public vehicles then you should know that, they are kept there knowing that Females are weak to get seat on their own. Females are letting men to dominate them. And as the world itself is leading on Patriarchy, men are born with dominating nature.

Females proud of having vagina as shown in the series and a scene where they insult men is also terrifying. Men have been dominating us since evolution and us having vagina can be a plus point for insulting them, is what have females set their mind in. Feminism is not about females, it is about men and women. TOGETHER.

Don’t wanna end here. Being a male, I enjoyed the scene where they say names of vagina. They yell it staying in the shore as the whole world’s resting. But the climax part of the series was a bit emotionalizing and the opening up part of every actresses wasn’t good by acting. Dialogues and scripts are well-knitted and the two first episodes will not let you sink in. Watch it till three and you’ll be asking more from it. But, sadly it doesn’t answers every question. Like, WAIT FOR SECOND SEASON! DUMBO.

And about the people who compared it to Veere Di Wedding and Sex and the City. You’re right. But you’ll still watch it, stupids.

As I already mentioned earlier, I have nothing to do with feminism thing.

The Vagina Scene, Perverts!

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