My Blood Approves

My blood approves
My blood approves your memories,
To brain, to footstep, to heart and to soul,
My blood approves,
Your laughs, your tears, and your silent farts,
My blood approves your faded touch,
To my eyes, to my lips, to skins and my private parts,
My blood approves you,
Your presence, your journey, your wit and your wicked thoughts, your sin, your humdrum banter, and your bone,
My blood approves,
My blood approves,
My ink, my words and your poetry,
My surrender, my blessings and my tranquility,
My blood approves to you,
My beautiful parts, my dark lengths, my plans and my unshared pasts,
My blood approves you to me,
My blood approves me to you,
My blood approves every and any of you, 
My blood approves without,
And, can’t my blood approves, where and when ?
My blood can’t surely approves faded you and your blood.

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