Nepalodaya: On Woman Violence

  • Alisha Panthi

My dear breast i usually dont talk about you and i dont care about you but i can not ignore about you.I kept hiding you inside my bra.I know im holding my breasts prisoners cause hey! so of your aunties gonna say “huhhh you havent wear bra,your tits are clearing showing.How can you be so irresponsible” and yaa later they gonna call you slut,hoe and all why because you’ve not wear bra.sometimes i feel like people skipped their classes in school when adolescents were taught to embrace their changing bodies.We remembered all those diagrams in exams just to score marks but hey! what about appying those thing in practical way in our life.

And when it comes to bra we feel scared to talk.We feel like its our sin if we talk about bra.One of my friend said” alisha adjust your bra straps it showing” and sadly i didnt realized its normal and sometimes it shows and its not my sin.In school many of us get so uncomfortable to sit infront of boys bench, Why ? because we get worried about what if he see my bra line,what is he see the mark of my bra hook! we always think about others “what if he see so blah blah”.Because of that we forget to notice our breasts.When someone says to note our body parts we note everything but that we dont notice is our breasts we ignore that.

We dont like to talk about it why because ‘NOBODY TAUGHT YOU TO LOVE THEM ,NOBODY TAUGHT ME TO LOOK AFTER AND THE SHAPES AND SIZE THAT YOU WOULD GROW INTO”when it comes to breasts “the bigger the better”
How men would prefed ,what i have to offer.Which is to sayy body is nothing more than offering.Dear breasts i always igonored you and you always remind me your presence in the way of pain .You wanted tell me that you cant breathe inside the laces of my bra and i always hide you there in claustrophobic cells.

Dear breast you are an “UNSUNG HERO” of my body.It took me a year to know that its okay to talk and love breasts.It is my body like eyes ,nose and all so why to hide you inside the laces of bra.And your glorious curves leading me straight into what matters and that is this heart.I appologies for hurting the one closest to me.Loving you has been a work in progress.on some days it is more than progress and also i have to accept your duality.And remember”MY DEAR BREASTS YOU DONT HAVE TO BE SOMEONES CUP OF TEA”❤☯

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