PUSTAK PREET – Lend Books Now!

We are very small community of readers which is looking at the very heart of every reader trying
find that is something relatable to all of us and yet not been able to address it in unison. As many
as books gets published our ‘to be read’ lists keep on increasing making it less probable for us to
buy every one of those. Hence, to meet our ‘tbr’ list with our love for book (pustakpreet), we think
it is an easy solution to lend our books to each other. It can be this circulation that will push us to
read more and yet become hungry desirously. We love you to share your participation with us and
to those who will be unanimously benefited from you. If this all sounds too formal and too complicated you can always message us in instagram and we will get to you as simple as possible. To sum up, a reading quote that may fashion you ‘if you haven’t read today then you haven’t lived today.

Listed below you can find the form for registrations and the list of books.

List of books:


Registration Form:


Thank you for being an intrinsic part of a whole!

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