About Jai

Jaidip Subedi has been writing stories and poems for over 4 years. His education background in Sociology and Journalism has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics.


“A famous e-book author phoned me and said, ‘One of my old paperback books went out of print. I bought the final 2,000 copies for a buck a piece. How do I sell them?’

“I said, ‘Selling them is a waste of time. Here’s what you do. Take 1,800 copies, shred them, put them in a bathtub, sit in the tub so that just your head sticks out, have a photo taken, and put it on a news release that says, ‘Author Takes A Bath In His Own Books.’ Use the body of the release to talk about how you went from a near-destitute paperback author, to a six figure a year e-book author. That way, the white elephant of your paperbacks supports the profitable side of your business, e-books.

“‘What do I do with the 200 copies I didn’t shred?’ he asked.

“They become valuable collectibles. Sell them at triple the cover price.”


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