Stange beauty it is,to see a bird fly free,it’s freedom as vast as sky,but it lands to rest,wearies of it’s freedom,it seeks comfort but in nest,And why shall it be?that it needs a home,a child or two,a beloved to make love,Just,To fly back again in freedom,Far and above,Beyond.More


Come home,Come to me,Just like in our old days,We shall be.We shall talk but also silences,We shall see but in eachother’s eyes,We shall listen but with all ears.We shall be,But not like in our old days,When we talked but not silences,When we saw but not in eachother’s eyesWhen we listened but not with all ears,Long,…More

PUSTAK PREET – Lend Books Now!

We are very small community of readers which is looking at the very heart of every reader tryingfind that is something relatable to all of us and yet not been able to address it in unison. As manyas books gets published our ‘to be read’ lists keep on increasing making it less probable for us…More