Micropoetry – Rajkamal

One-liner poetry mainly known as Micro Poetry narrates a story through a poetic line. Various uses of metaphors and alliteration beautifies the sentence and makes it feelable. Rajkamal is an instagram poet who describes an act or a life lived through these lines. The listed below are some of the 15 most admired lines by…More

I’m Indifferent

Remorse lied behind words Clothes are whatever I’m not stripped I’m just unclosed to own self. Being lied behind behavior Character is whatever I’m not characterless I’m just being myself. There’s a society Out there To blame you for Blaming them. Sued for the Undone and still Bearing the unbearable Pain. Cause your scars Speak…More

Another Buddha ?

This is a work of FICTION. It’s a work of fiction done without a pinch of research. Research leads to facts and I hate that. Today’s topic is Buddha. He is not a person or a god. He is just topic and will be. Few days ago, Nepal participated in a Guinness World Record where…More

आमा, छोरा च्यापी रहेछिन – Rajkamal Kharel

आमा, छोरा च्यापी रहेछिन  सान अनि नाम कमाउनेहरुको बीचमा  आमा, छोरा च्यापी रहेछिन  दान अनि धर्म कमाउनेहरुको बीचमा  आमा, छोरा च्यापी रहेछिन  म, म जब थकित अनुहारहरुलाइ हेरेर आफ्नो थकाइका थकान मार्न साझ बौद्ध जान्छु , एक्लै, बेग्लै भिडहरुको बीचमा । बौद्धका या बुद्धका ती आँखामा यी आँखा राखेर ती आँखा हेरिरहदा बेग्लै महसुस हुन्छ…More


I took birth on this very day on this earth 18 years ago. Even a 1 minute earthquake can take thousands of life but 18 years can be an enough time for more than thousands big bang to create the earths like this. Well but nothing happened since I took birth in this world. It…More

You And Me

Let me stammer the words I’ve been trying to tell since months. Days faded. Weeks faded. Months faded. Time too faded. But your beauty didn’t. Let me tell those words To you. Will you be happy with me ? Don’t answer. I can’t bear the pain. Let us just get lost somewhere. Let us just…More

What’s her name ?

She was speaking like an anchor of some shitty TV reality show. Thought stopped when I heard the sentence. She said that if shark dies, it will reach to the bottom of the ocean and parasites will help the corpse to decompose. Why was she saying these childish things to a stranger ? I met…More

Strange Contemplation

Just was surfing through some books in my collection. And guess what I got. ‘Everest Geeta’  I never believed in God. Never thought that will believe too. But today the history happened. I never believed when one said,’This book changed my life.’  Hey, Mate. It was you who thought that way. Not a book can…More

दियो निभ्यो

आज एउटा प्रण गरे बत्ती निभाएर दियो बालेँ उज्यालो छिरेका प्वाल सबै टालेँ एकछिन घोरिएर हेरे र सोचेँ हेरेर र हेरे र मा धेरै फरक हुने रहेछ  एक्कासी याद आयो दियो हेरेँ बलिराको थियो । उज्यालो बत्तीमा हैन मनमा हुनपर्छ आजबाट दियो बाल्छु छुटेका सपना फेरि पाल्छु, फेरि याद आयो दियो हेरेँ भर्भराइराथ्यो । शब्द…More


म जुन म थिइन अहिले छु । म जुन तिमी म भन्थ्यै त्यो मरिसक्यो । तिमीले कहिल्यै मलाई चिनेनै , चिन्यौ त केवल मेरो शरीरलाई जुन मलाई अरुले नै बस्न दिएको थियो , चिन्यौ त मेरो नामलाई जुन मलाई हैन शरीरलाई दिइएको थियो । म त म । मरेको त मेरो घर हो, म बस्ने…More