The Day I Got Scared Of My Own Shadow

The day when everybody called me mad. The day when everybody behaved like lad. The day when everybody called it fame. But, I was irritate of my own name. Mad means Success  They said, I listened. Success means Enemies. They said, I got scared. My own success was burden for me Everybody behaved like I…More


A student wishes to ask his beloved to dance, but she refuses, saying she would only accept if he brought her a red rose. It so happened that in the place where the student lived, all the roses were yellow or white. The nightingale heard the conversation. Seeing his sorrow, she decided to help the…More


“Class 11 will be published tomorrow”, announced from a TV Channel. I didn’t even noticed the channel’s name because of shock.  I was cool about the result before this announcement. Texted Julian about the result. He was also shocked. The whole environment was rhyming. We were shocked up, Exam was sucked up And  Result, It…More

One Indian Girl – Review

A satisfying novel regarding different topics related to feminism, romance, love and …work.  A typical indian girl who tops every classes she attended in her life and roamed around the world for business and because of love failures. It is a complete novel about how a girl thinks about a guy and how guy senses…More

Suicide – Rajkamal Kharel

A suicide is not suicide. Infact suicide is the wrong word which is being used. In another word there is no such thing as a suicide. This word should be replaced by another word then the act done will have a complete meaning. It should be sentenced as a ‘Self-Murder’. By this what it meant is…More

बनाइएको पागल

हो, शिक्षित मान्छे मुर्ख हुन्छ अझ झन मुर्ख हुन्छन् पढेका कुरा व्यबहारमा उतार्न खोज्ने विद्वानहरु मुर्ख ऊ मात्र समाजमा हुन्छ चेपिएर , पिल्सिएर , मिचिएर बाचेको उ साच्चै एक विद्वान हुन्छ । समाजलाई उसले विष देख्छ र विषालु मानिसलाइ ऊ अमृतमा चोबाल्न खोज्छ अनि बल्ल ऊ मुर्ख हुन्छ पहिले मुर्ख …त्यसपछि पागल यस्ता शब्दले जब…More

मायाको साथी

कुरा त्यति बेलाको हो जब म टुटेर छरपस्ट थिए र तं आइ भनिस् “पिर नलि म छु” कुरा त्यति बेला को हो जब हामी साथिबाट अलि खास साथि बनेका थियै । अनि उ मलाई संगाल्दै भन्थयो अब त म छु नि यार कुरा त्यति बेला को हो जब मनमा साना-साना मायाका टुसा पलाउन थालया थियो…More