दयालु रुख

These poems were written on purpose of submitting at a opening of theater at Kathmandu. One of mine and one of my friend. Rajkamal Fakir - देखेको सुनेको संसारबाट अलि पर एउटा सुन्दर मैदान छ, फुलस्तै फुल फुलेको मैदानमा तारा फुल्छ्न र माझमा मात्र एउटा रुख छ ; दयालु रुख । रुख शान्त छ, न … Continue reading दयालु रुख

Another Buddha ?

This is a work of FICTION. It's a work of fiction done without a pinch of research. Research leads to facts and I hate that. Today's topic is Buddha. He is not a person or a god. He is just topic and will be. Few days ago, Nepal participated in a Guinness World Record where … Continue reading Another Buddha ?