दयालु रुख

These poems were written on purpose of submitting at a opening of theater at Kathmandu. One of mine and one of my friend. Rajkamal Fakir - देखेको सुनेको संसारबाट अलि पर एउटा सुन्दर मैदान छ, फुलस्तै फुल फुलेको मैदानमा तारा फुल्छ्न र माझमा मात्र एउटा रुख छ ; दयालु रुख । रुख शान्त छ, न … Continue reading दयालु रुख


A student wishes to ask his beloved to dance, but she refuses, saying she would only accept if he brought her a red rose. It so happened that in the place where the student lived, all the roses were yellow or white. The nightingale heard the conversation. Seeing his sorrow, she decided to help the … Continue reading Love