Love Explored – Rajkamal Fakir

You came to say goodbye, Even before I shared my hellos,Long, it could have been;The journey to the east,The journey to the west,The journey to the heart,But, there you kept it short.Yet it was for me,As it was for a thirsty explorer, Who have travelled many thousandsJust to surrender to thirst;And here, you cleared my throat.The memories…More

My Blood Approves

My blood approvesMy blood approves your memories,To brain, to footstep, to heart and to soul,My blood approves,Your laughs, your tears, and your silent farts,My blood approves your faded touch,To my eyes, to my lips, to skins and my private parts,My blood approves you,Your presence, your journey, your wit and your wicked thoughts, your sin, your…More

PIECES OF PEACE – Sushil Raj Subedi

We are living in piece Its all due to Not being in peace. Pieces are everywhere It pierces so much When you try to be Once again in peace Nothing hurts more than that When you blade your life And Bleed the peace And your sorrows asusual unheard Then You don’t get clot But You…More

सिसाइफस – राजकमल ‘फकिर’

मेरो घरको ऎनामा तिम्रो अनुहार छ चिटिक्क छ, टल्किने तर म त्यो ऎनामा आफुलाइ हेर्दा ऎना चर्केको देख्छु कति सजिलो अनुहार थियो त्यो पहिलेको कति सजिलै बसेथियौ तिमी अनुहार लिएर त्यहाँ अहिले चर्केको त्यो ऎनालाई देख्दा मलाई अचम्म लाग्छ मलाई हासो उठ्छ जुन कसरी हेर्दो हो आफुलाइ प्रत्येक टुक्रेको समुन्द्र, खोला, इनारमा अनि….अब के म…More


☯️ एउटा अमिलो सहर छ, जहाँ तिता सपनाले बनेका घरहरुमा मिठो सिरानी हालेर म नुनिलो निन्द्रा निदाइरहेछु ! यहाँ न रात छ न रातको बिपरित बिहान, यहाँ मात्र छ एउटा चिहान ! जहाँ म हरेक रात रातो ताबुतमा हरिया सपना देख्छु ! बिहान ति सपना पहेँला हुन्थे, तर अफसोस यहाँ अहिले‌ बिहान हुदैनन् ! न…More

दयालु रुख

These poems were written on purpose of submitting at a opening of theater at Kathmandu. One of mine and one of my friend. Rajkamal Fakir – देखेको सुनेको संसारबाट अलि पर एउटा सुन्दर मैदान छ, फुलस्तै फुल फुलेको मैदानमा तारा फुल्छ्न र माझमा मात्र एउटा रुख छ ; दयालु रुख । रुख शान्त छ, न…More

O! Love – Rajkamal

⚫ Birds, singing their skin, Sunset, dancing their beauty, As we lay, upon each other lap, Right at the seashore of the ocean of love. Silence, O Silence, blessing both of us. Silence, O Silence, just the unending silence. Breaking, I asked, “Let’s leave our footprints deep in the ocean.” For all the seeker of…More

Lost – Rajkamal

⚫ I become romantic, when the rain drops its loudness in soil. crossed finger and the kissing hand, party move with one hand in her waist and next in her hip, her curleys splattering the drops all over my face, unnoticed by the towns and urban. I cannot explain how much i love to dance…More

sorry! brother

⚫ Despite the world falling for us and our casualty, We still fell for a single beauty. You were expressable one from the beginning, And I couldn’t even show myself own feeling. She wasn’t much manipulative to let me forget my friend, But a single girl is enough to bring friendship to its end. There’ll…More

Micropoetry – Rajkamal

One-liner poetry mainly known as Micro Poetry narrates a story through a poetic line. Various uses of metaphors and alliteration beautifies the sentence and makes it feelable. Rajkamal is an instagram poet who describes an act or a life lived through these lines. The listed below are some of the 15 most admired lines by…More