Feminizing the meaning of Feminism!

Talking about the title, this article has nothing to do with Feminism and Feminists. This Feminism topic has been so complicated these days that one should think twice even before using the word. Well, I'm not gonna talk about it but this thing isn't complicated itself, people who boast about being Feminist and preaching it … Continue reading Feminizing the meaning of Feminism!

दयालु रुख

These poems were written on purpose of submitting at a opening of theater at Kathmandu. One of mine and one of my friend. Rajkamal Fakir - देखेको सुनेको संसारबाट अलि पर एउटा सुन्दर मैदान छ, फुलस्तै फुल फुलेको मैदानमा तारा फुल्छ्न र माझमा मात्र एउटा रुख छ ; दयालु रुख । रुख शान्त छ, न … Continue reading दयालु रुख