दयालु रुख

These poems were written on purpose of submitting at a opening of theater at Kathmandu. One of mine and one of my friend. Rajkamal Fakir - देखेको सुनेको संसारबाट अलि पर एउटा सुन्दर मैदान छ, फुलस्तै फुल फुलेको मैदानमा तारा फुल्छ्न र माझमा मात्र एउटा रुख छ ; दयालु रुख । रुख शान्त छ, न … Continue reading दयालु रुख

Clichéd Life

Ever thought of killing yourself or committing suicide and then thinking that it would be wrong, have you ever dumped those ideas ? You're wrong. It would've been right if you wouldn't have ignored the idea of suicide. At first, let me enlighten you with meaning of cliché. Merriam Webster defines cliché as - a … Continue reading Clichéd Life